The Future of Ice Sales is here today!

Fresh Ice USA manufactures Commercial Ice Vending machines and equipment.

 We Focus On:

  • Innovation
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality service

Fresh Ice USA is a daughter company of G&K Global Holdings Group LLC with 17 years of commercial and consumer product and machinery manufacturing experience.

All machines are approved and compliant with FDA, Rosch, and UL Standards. The company has a rich background in R&D. With its market knowledge in developing machines, it is meeting global demands. This helps our partners achieve consistent and additional revenue

Fresh Ice USA its on its way to become the leading vending machine solution provider worldwide.

Fresh Ice USA introduces the R&D model of IOT + Platform + Technology. This creates powerful solutions  using cutting edge technology. This leads to innovation for more people improving their lives.
Fresh Ice Usa has has already grown significanly since its start. 

    Fresh Ice USA provides its advanced vending solutions to more than 20 countries. This includes international retailers, institutions, and a variety of companies. Fresh Ice USA is their source of professional commercial vending machines and service. 

    Fresh Ice USA vending machines are the top choice because they have: 
    • Modular Design
    • Intelligent Features 
    • Platform for Multifunction
    • OEM Design
    • Comprehensive Service

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      Technology-driven describes the Fresh Ice USA R&D research center. It focuses on leveraging the most cutting-edge mechanical precision control and manufacturing while improving: 

      • The Electronic Scheme of IOT
      • Internet Software Platforms
      • Industrial Design
      • Ergonomic Science

      Fresh Ice USA has created several industry-leading core technologies with more than 20 full-time R&D engineers on staff. 

      Fresh Ice USA has created its technology, standards and patents in: 

      • Whole Machine Shape 
      • Grinder
      • Mixer
      • Ice Maker
      • Water Purification System
      Fresh Ice USA has also developed the most advanced commercial ice equipment with patent pending hardware and revolutionary centralized software management capabilities.  This is featured in all Fresh Ice USA vending machines. 
      Fresh Ice USA develops its machines with innovative thinking and cutting edge technology to create efficiency and increased revenue for its clients. 
        Fresh Ice USA’s products have shown consistent quality. They have passed the CE / CQC / CB certification.

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