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  • Automatically Purifies water, calculates the amount of ice to be dispensed by the Vending Machine  and collects the appropriate price from the consumer.

  • LED Screen shows amount charged and collected and allows the consumer to easily select different ice quantities.

  • Patented Advanced Automation Technology controls water purification, ice making, ice vending, processes payment and automatically dispenses,  fills and seals each bag.

  • Accepts all credit cards, debit cards, coin,  bills, Apple Pay and Android Pay for payment.

  • Able to provide payment statistics reporting to management via Fresh Ice USA App.

  • Built in anti-theft system features a 2.0 mm thickness stainless steel plate in the main box with all surfaces coated with high temperature electrostatic spray for high safety performance and durability. All ice contact surfaces are food grade SUS304 stainless steel material. Fresh Ice USA Machines feature our CE certified best in class compressor for reliable performance at 1/3 the power consumption of other compressors.

  • Factory patented technology ensures proper metering during the ice bag filling process to guarantee consistent and stable performance.

  • High efficiency ice stirring device makes sure ice vends smoothly and efficiently.

  • 5 cm thickness polyurethane ice storage bin provides excellent insulation to prevent ice melting for long periods of time.

  • Global advanced payment and custom computer management software feature stable and reliable MDB and GSM protocols for remote sales tracking and machine management.

  • Advanced FOTEK photo-electricity detection technology will initiate ice production when ice levels inside storage bin fall below minimum levels to ensure consistent ice supply.

  • Features automated filling and packing technology for high efficiency and stable operation.

  • Fresh Ice USA utilizes the most advanced Reverse Osmosis pure water filtration system to provide reliable and clear high quality ice every time.

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