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What makes Fresh Ice USA machines different from other ice machines?

Fresh Ice USA machines use patented technology. It dispenses and seals the freshest purified ice within 45 seconds of sale. They’re useful ALL DAY ALL YEAR. This increases sales while eliminating delivery, counting and theft. This also reduces slip and fall risk from dripping bags, which can lead to accidents.

What size of ice bags does Fresh ICE USA vending machine dispenses?

Each unit can be programmed to dispense two different sizes. It can make sizes up to 20 pounds per bag. For convenience, each bag is individually sealed.

How much ice does the Fresh Ice USA machine hold?

We have models that can hold and dispense up to 2,000 pounds of ice. It does this while maintaining full capacity throughout the day.

What does the Fresh Ice USA vending machine cost?

We have a variety of lease and no money down options. We will look into your specific goals and locations. This is to make sure you get the best and most profitable program. We may even provide you with a no money down revenue sharing option. This means guaranteed savings from your current per bag cost. This depends on your current ice sales volume and retail price. 

How long will it take to get my Fresh Ice USA machine?

Approximately ten weeks from the date of the agreement, installation is scheduled. But this means the site is prepared.

What does the retailer need to provide for a fresh ice machine installation?

The retailer needs to provide access to:  

  • 110V electric 
  • water 
  • drain 

Site security and vandalism prevention is the responsibility of the retailer. Fresh Ice USA will work with the retailer to ensure as secure an installation as possible.

What maintenance and service do you provide?

Our units are low maintenance because they are developed with patented technology. Regular quarterly maintenance is provided. This includes a six-hour response time. It’s done with our national service partners to resolve any interim issues between quarterly service. Retailers only need to replace the bag roll and filter as necessary.

An annual maintenance fee of $1200 covers the following during the term of agreement: 

  • all equipment
  • 6-hour service 
  • parts 

This fee is deducted from retail profits at the rate of $100 per machine per month.

What is the guaranteed savings program, and how do I qualify?

Provide us with the following information:

  • last three months of average daily per store sales
  • current cost of ice delivered 
  • retail pricing 

We can provide a turn-key program with up to 25% per bag cost savings. This includes bags, installation, service, maintenance and support.

Our local Fresh Ice USA sales rep will meet with you to discuss our guaranteed savings program. 

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